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Baby girl’s first Christmas!!

This Christmas was extra special because it was my little girl, Avery, first christmas.  She is only 5 months old, but that didn’t stop her from tearing into some gifts!!! My family came in earlier in the week, so we headed down to the Americana to take some fun holiday pics.  Then on Christmas day, […]

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Baby’s first halloween

Avery was sadly not big enough to go trick or treating this year.  Even though I really wanted to, I did not drag her thru the streets to feed my own candy desire.  I let her go to sleep on time.  Aren’t I a good mommy???  But I still dressed her up in a little […]

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Family trip to Texas

My husband and I daringly took our 3 month old daughter, Avery, to Texas this weekend to meet family.  It was definitely an adventure.  Babies do not like to fly or miss their naps or be in strange places.  Actually she did quite well.  On the first flight she didn’t make a sound, but coming […]

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